PX-80: Customer Spotlight


New York, NY, USA

Construction Tech

Avvir’s software solution helps commercial real estate owners, lenders and commercial construction companies save on construction waste, increase productivity and mitigate financial risk.  Avvir scans construction sites regularly and compares the scans to the building plans to measure progress, detect defects, and determine if a project is on schedule. By automating the processes around data collection, visualization, and analysis, we provide close to real-time insights into the state of a project.

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GeoNAV Group

Suffield, CT, USA

Historic Preservation

Founded in May 2018 by Thomas J. Elmore, The GeoNAV Group, LLC utilizes cutting edge technology to document buildings, landscapes, and other unique features for many different industries and use cases.

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Honolulu, HI, USA


SYNCADD is a technology company focused on managing real property assets and resources extending from Hawaii to Alaska, California, Japan, Korea and Europe. For the past 12 years, they’ve helped their customers attain data accuracy, capture institutional knowledge, enhance processes, implement collaborative infrastructure, and achieve organizational goals. To date, SYNCADD has laser-measured 33 Army installations and have drawn over 40 million sq ft of facilities in 3D. 

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Tokyo, JAPAN


Consulting firm specializing in the sustainable management of forests and 3D mapping software for production control. WoodInfo produces forestry-related information systems for road maintenance, inventory control of raw materials, insurance companies, commercial farms, railroad companies, and more.

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Madison, WI, USA

Facilities Management

AkitaBox uses PX-80 to provide data collection and floor plan creation services to help facility owners manage everything from capitol planning to custodial needs. The data is used in their building management software to automate maintenance, planning, and inspections to simplify 
building management.

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San Francisco, CA, USA


Scanforce uses PX-80 to produce everything from simple as-built surveys and floor plans to complex Building Information Models and 360° photo walkthroughs for their clients in California and across the U.S.

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