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10 Things I Love About Paracosm

Posted by Julie Matheney on 4/23/15 1:57 PM

1. The culture.
Amir Rubin Birthday Wizard

I've heard that a company's culture is largely shaped by its leadership. Lucky for us, our CEO is the best. No matter how tough things get, we still make sure to have a good time. We’ve formed a company band and battled other startups, hosted a Twin Peaks themed holiday party, and once in a while we’ll host a late night DIY “Paraoke” at the office to blow off some steam. 

2. The people.

Parakeets are a special breed. We’re creative, brave, and do our best to treat each other respectfully. A sense of humor is a must. 

3. The potential.
Paracosm results

Our tech gets more and more robust each and every day. We’re steering this spaceship into some serious 3D greatness.

4. Flexibility.Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 3.13.25 PM.png

We have a lot of flexibility. Since we use tools like Slack and Google Hangouts it's easy to work from home (or anywhere in the world) without missing a beat. 

5. The office.

Our open office is super cozy and a great space to work in. The kitchen is always stocked with locally roasted coffee, LaCroix, and lots of great snacky snacks. 

6. Our brand.

I have an extremely biased opinion (obviously) but I think our logo is the BEST. 

7. Learning.

Since we're developing completely new technologies, we're always learning and looking for better ways to get things done. We also love blowing minds and inspiring kids to explore the maths and sciences. 

8.The magic.


We're building groundbreaking technology and that's pretty magical. 

9. Location.

Gainesville is a great place to live. There's so much natural beauty, fun things to do, and places to explore. 

10. Core values.

Our company core values are: Whole-hearted, Collaboration, and Exploration. Whole-hearted means we're fully engaged and aim for balance in work, life, and play. We give and ask for help freely and we bring wonder, curiosity and enthusiasm to our work.

Collaboration is in there because we’re all in this together. We’re held accountable for our commitments and for the success of the whole. We actively share our intentions and information. We’re down for passionate debate but we respect decision makers and move forward together as a team even when we disagree. We’re mindful and candid in communication and our actions.

Last but not least, we’re explorers! We’re not afraid to try new things and we’re continuously working to improve ourselves. We experiment in order to add value to the team and to the world. We believe that both risks and failures are essential to growth.


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