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User Story: Paracosm's software in the field


Caveo Consulting Engineers specializes in design and consultation for healthcare facilities. In 2014, Caveo reached out to us to see if Paracosm's 3D scanning solution could provide an alternative to traditional surveying methods. Since then, Caveo has tested our data collection and cloud service on multiple projects with great success.

Handheld 3D Scanning

Paracosm's scanner is portable, easy to use, and quickly captures interior spaces regardless of size or complexity. Unlike conventional scanning methods, Paracosm's technology does not require tripods, hours of prep work, or teams of people to operate a single device. 

"Paracosm's technology has proven to be more versatile than other means of scanning. It's become an affordable and effective tool that we rely on to produce accurate designs and increase our efficiency."

- John S. Boetjer
President, Caveo Consulting Engineers

Improved Collaboration

Point clouds provide a way for members of a design team to virtually visit the site from anywhere in the world. 

Reliable Design

When 3D scanning is used to document existing conditions, the reliability of the design is greatly improved. When designs are based on what's actually in the field, the opportunities for human errors are reduced. 

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