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Customer Spotlight: AkitaBox

Published 7/17/18 4:29 PM

Topics: Customer


Customer Spotlight: SCANFORCE

Published 5/9/18 11:08 AM

Topics: Customer


Joining Forces to Offer the Best in 3D Mapping

Published 10/25/17 12:00 PM

Topics: 3D scanning, PX-80, News


PX-80 is 15X Faster

Published 7/19/17 11:06 AM

Topics: 3D scanning, PX-80


ConTechTrio on AR, Drones, & Advancements in Laser Scanning Tech

Published 1/10/17 8:54 AM

Topics: PX-80


New 3D Scanner at #AU2016

Published 11/8/16 3:15 PM

Topics: 3D scanning


Building True to BIM with 3D Scanning

Published 8/3/16 11:39 AM

Topics: BIM, 3D scanning


My Internship at Paracosm

Published 7/8/16 5:13 PM

Topics: Internships


An MEP Firm's Journey into 3D Scanning

Published 12/22/15 10:50 AM

Topics: AEC Industry


We're at #AU2015

Published 12/1/15 10:09 AM

Topics: AEC Industry


Deep Augmented Reality with 3D Mapping

Published 6/19/15 12:10 PM

Topics: Augmented Reality


Slack: An Alternative to Email

Published 6/15/15 11:09 AM

Topics: Culture


Project Tango: Stereoscopic View Tutorial

Published 6/9/15 11:56 AM

Topics: Project Tango, Virtual Reality, Tutorial


Dude, Where's My Holodeck?

Published 5/13/15 3:12 PM

Topics: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality


Amir Speaks at VR Meetup in Boston

Published 5/8/15 5:42 PM

Topics: Virtual Reality


10 Things I Love About Paracosm

Published 4/23/15 1:57 PM

Topics: Culture


We've Augmented Our Logo

Published 3/19/15 11:00 AM

Topics: Augmented Reality


NVIDIA #GTC15 Demo Sneak Peek

Published 3/6/15 10:52 AM

Topics: Robotics



Published 2/26/15 10:03 AM

Topics: NVIDIA


We’ve launched a blog (Initiate slow clap sequence)

Published 2/23/15 8:30 AM