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ConTechTrio on AR, Drones, & Advancements in Laser Scanning Tech

Posted by Julie Matheney on 1/10/17 8:54 AM

In ConTechTrio's podcast episode 48, James Benham (@jamesmbenham), Rob McKinney (@conappguru) and Josh Bone (@bim2thebone) discuss the latest in construction tech. Hightlights included Microsoft's HoloLens, the explosion in drone usage, and advancements in laser scanning technology, multi-trade prefabrication,  job site tracking and more. In this episode, they also gave their construction tech highlights from 2016 and industry predictions for 2017. At the 37 minute mark, the Trio gave the following review of our new scanning solution:

"Let's talk about Paracosm's new PX-80. Amazing. Yeah. The big thing about this one guys, is that it's the only handheld LiDAR out there that colorizes point cloud data. It scans instantly so as I'm walking forward with the handheld unit, I'm looking at this touch screen device, and it's instantly creating a point cloud, walking in real-time. It's fast and all of this is easy to learn and simple and straightforward."

Listen to "ConTechTrio 48 End of Year Recap with James, Rob and Josh - Highlights from 2016 and Predictions for 2017" on Spreaker.

ConTechTrio was awarded Construction Junkie’s "Best Construction Podcast of 2016" and is a produced by JB Knowledge, which created products like Smart Bid Net, Smart Compliance, Smart Reality, and Smart Insight. 

You can catch new episodes of the ConTechTrio podcast by visiting their page on Spreaker or by following @ConTechTrio on Twitter for more updates and to join the conversation!

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