Madison, WI, USA

Facilities Management

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AkitaBox's innovative plan-view software offers facility owners and operators a better way to manage their buildings. The company uses PX-80 to provide floor-plan capture services that help clients get started with the software to begin automating facilities-management tasks like custodial work, maintenance, inspection, and capital planning.


To generate floor plans, a small AkitaBox team begins by walking the asset with a PX-80. They quickly scan all buildings, capturing data on everything from the building's envelope to complex mechanical rooms. Next, they convert this data to floor plans using open-source software. As a final step, they load the floor plans—along with any other pertinent facilities data and documents—into their software for the client to use in their building maintenance strategies.

According to chief customer officer Josh Lowe, Paracosm's PX-80 offered the speed and accuracy that AkitaBox needed to scale its offering to serve clients with larger and larger assets. "Point blank," he says, "we would not be able to offer these kinds of services to our clients without PX-80." 

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