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Construction Tech

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Avvir’s software solution helps commercial real estate owners, lenders and commercial construction companies save on construction waste, increase productivity and mitigate financial risk.  Avvir scans construction sites regularly and compares the scans to the building plans to measure progress, detect defects, and determine if a project is on schedule. By automating the processes around data collection, visualization, and analysis, we provide close to real-time insights into the state of a project.


Using the PX-80 we can quickly scan construction in progress. Avvir’s software then uses the scans to create a digital twin of a building under construction. Our software’s proprietary algorithm uses the scan data to spot mistakes made in the actual construction vs building plans and report it back to our clients so they can take immediate action and prevent costly rework later.

Our software will also digitally track and visualize construction progress, create an accurate as built model of the building or facility, and allow users to update their building information model (BIM) with as-built reality with a click of the button.

The PX-80 allows us to get actionable data into our customer’s hands quickly while maintaining the level of accuracy they need to make decisions. Much faster than if we used a stationary scanner.