The GeoNAV Group

Suffield, CT, USA

Historic Preservation

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Founded in May 2018 by Thomas J. Elmore, The GeoNAV Group, LLC utilizes cutting edge technology to document buildings, landscapes, and other unique features for many different industries and use cases.


The GeoNAV Group uses PX-80 to capture indoor, outdoor, and both natural or manmade spaces. PX-80 provides fast and accurate real-time reality capture capabilities for the comprehensive and scalable documentation of existing conditions. Given the flexibility to scan while walking, they have eliminated the need for individual setups of terrestrial scanners which provides the ability to scan unique and complex environments. PX-80 helps produce fast and accurate colored point clouds and has unlocked many new opportunities for their firm. To read more about how the GeoNAV Group is using PX-80 check out the article on LiDAR News