Nottinghamshire, UK

Construction and Engineering

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nmcn, formerly known as North Midland Construction, is a major general contractor delivering built-environment and critical-infrastructure projects across the UK. The firm uses PX-80 to capture detailed 3D site geometry on brownfield, greenfield, and refurbishment sites—both at the beginning of each project and regularly throughout the construction process.


The firm was looking to 3D scan project sites repeatedly throughout construction to capture better as-built models and topos, perform daily QA checks, and track sub-contractor work and deliveries, among other advanced applications. Though they considered using terrestrial laser scanners for this purpose, they quickly found that performing repeated 3D capture with these tools would have an unacceptable impact on their project budgets.

After a research period, nmcn purchased PX-80. After handing it to a completely untrained user to test on a complex of derelict farm buildings, nmcn determined that this handheld SLAM-based scanner was not only simple to use with very minimal training, but also fast, and accurate enough for 95% of the firm’s scanning needs. nmcn liked the scanner so much, they have recently become a Paracosm reseller to share the technology with their peers in the UK.

"This is the tool that's going to be in every cabin," says head of digital transformation Gary Ross. "Once people realize how simple it is to use, they're going to be scanning every single day."

To learn more, visit nmcn.com.