Honolulu, HI, USA


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SYNCADD is a technology company focused on managing real property assets and resources extending from Hawaii to Alaska, California, Japan, Korea and Europe. For the past 12 years, they’ve helped their customers attain data accuracy, capture institutional knowledge, enhance processes, implement collaborative infrastructure, and achieve organizational goals. To date, SYNCADD has laser-measured 33 Army installations and have drawn over 40 million sq ft of facilities in 3D. 


While Syncadd has modernized their survey methods by using Leica DISTOs and tablets, they wanted to build a workflow to measure and draw floor plans that was easier, more efficient, and leveraged more advanced 3D capture technologies. In exploring other capture methods, they found PX-80 to be a good solution to help them document and create floor plans more efficiently. To learn more, visit

Floor Plan Workflow with PX-80

  1. Scan with PX-80
  2. Reconstruct to produce point cloud (automatic)
  3. Produce a leveled slice (automatic)
  4. Import into Bentley Systems’ MicroStation
  5. CAD modelers trace cloud to quickly produce model