Tokyo, JAPAN


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Consulting firm specializing in the sustainable management of forests and 3D mapping software for production control. WoodInfo produces forestry-related information systems for road maintenance, inventory control of raw materials, insurance companies, commercial farms, railroad companies, and more.


WoodInfo is using PX-80 to map forests in Japan. They survey the location of trees, measure the diameter of their trunks, the height of each tree, and fully capture the terrain in which they stand.

They’ve incorporated PX-80 into a custom backpack solution they call "3D walker" which has greatly improved the speed of their surveying process. By walking through the forest boundary, trees within the boundary can be measured in a single pass. They are able to synchronize their scanning path with GPS logger data and export it directly to GIS. With PX-80, a single team member is able to scan a hectare in about 20-40 minutes.

Survey Workflow

  1. Scan forest with PX-80 to produce point cloud (~20-40 min per hectare). 
  2. Export PLY file and Retrace images and import them to Digital Forest
  3. Analyze point cloud using Digital Forest (developed by WoodInfo)
  4. Get a result of terrain and produce a tree map
  5. Measure the diameter, height, and trunk volume of each tree