Tokyo, JAPAN


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woodinfo is a consulting firm that specializes in the sustainable management of forests. They offer the Digital Forest 3D mapping software for production control, which they use in combination with PX-80 to produce forestry-related information systems for road maintenance, inventory control of raw materials, insurance companies, commercial farms, railroad companies, and more.


woodinfo has integrated the PX-80 into a custom backpack solution called "3DWalker," which has greatly improved the speed of their survey process in forests across Japan. Using this tool, a two-person team can walk the boundary of a forest and capture all the trees within 10 meters of that boundary in a single pass. 

For processing, woodinfo has developed its own software, called Digital Forest. This tool takes a point cloud and produces a variety of data, including a digital elevation model of the forest landscape, as well as measurements and location data for all trees (both relative and absolute coordinates). woodinfo has also developed a clever method for synchronizing the scanning path with hi-res imagery and data from a GPS logger, enabling them to export their forestry data directly to GIS for easy use.