Frequently Asked Questions

How does Paracosm’s technology work?

What is included in a PX-80 order?

What is the range?

What is the accuracy?

Does PX-80 have a built-in GPS? Are the scans geolocated?

What’s the battery life?

What is the min/max points spacing?

What kind of equipment does one need to work with point clouds? What are the minimum hardware specs for a workstation?

If I order now, how soon can I expect my delivery?

How long does it take to scan? What’s the scanning speed?

How long does it take to setup?

What is the processing time?

Does it run real-time? How do I know if I’ve successfully captured what I needed?

How much can the scanner move?

Can I scan reflective surfaces?

Does it work indoors and outdoors? What are the lighting requirements?

Do I need WiFi to scan or process my data?

Is loop closure required?
Why does PX-80 limit individual scan lengths to 10 minutes?
What software is included?
Do I need any additional software?

Does Paracosm offer its own point cloud tool?

In what format is the imagery featured in Retrace? What’s the resolution?

How are scans registered?

Where can I find support documentation once I get my device?
What happens if my PX-80 isn’t working? How are repairs handled?
Can I use the Capture app on my phone?

Are there ways to improve the accuracy?

What about drift?
What are the calibration requirements?
Can I mount PX-80 to a robot, drone, tractor, or car?

Is PX-80 safe? 

What is the working temperature of the PX-80?

What is the level of security and IT?

Can my company use its own cloud and/or server to store the information?

How is PX-80 different from GeoSLAM’s ZEB-REVO?

What is the expected tolerance difference between Paracosm’s scanner and a typical stationary scanner?

Is ±2-3 cm accuracy good enough?

How can I schedule a live demo or try the scanner on a project?

May I request sample data?

Email and we'll do our best to find you one!