Give your business a head start. 

Big companies and small businesses alike are seeking ways to acquire new laser scanning equipment to replace antiquated systems, keep up with technology, and stay relevant. Financing allows you to get new 3D scanning solutions without blowing your budget!

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  • Deferred Payment
    Develop a program with no payments for up to 6 months, so you start using the equipment to generate revenue before a payment is due.

  • Finance Additional Costs
    Combine your equipment, installation, maintenance, training, and other qualified installation costs into one monthly payment – instead of having separate invoices for each service.

  • Finance Advance Deposits
    Vendors requiring advance deposits can be financed for qualified customers and combined into your monthly payments.

  • Flexible Solutions
    You choose your vendor, your equipment, software and additional products or services (training, installation, maintenance, etc.) to be financed. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Capital & Operating Leases
    Fixed monthly payments with an end of lease purchase option ($1 Buyout, Fair Market Value); Could qualify for Section 179 tax deductions.

  • Tax Benefits
    Financing certain equipment can lead to annual tax benefits and deductions. (Consult with your tax advisor) 

  • Financing Terms
    $200 documentation fee WAIVED | Based on 60-month term. 1st Payment Due 30 Days After Delivery | No upfront payments required | Additional terms available upon request


    * Plus tax. Financing provided by Americorp Financial, LLC. Offer subject to credit approval and completion of required documentation at the sole discretion of Americorp Financial, LLC




For over 30 years, Americorp Financial has led the industry by creating unique programs for our manufacturer and distributor partners.  As your approved financing partner, Americorp becomes your seamless financing provider with proven solutions to overcome various hurdles faced by your customers - such as budget constraints, long approval processes, or technology obsolescence.

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