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Forestry & Agriculture

Mobile LiDAR Scanning for the Great Outdoors

Capturing nature in 3D often means scanning dense forests, difficult terrain, and remote locations where GPS is not available. While highly accurate, tripod-based laser scanners can be costly, time consuming, difficult to setup, and have a fixed line of sight. PX-80 offers a mobile solution that is fast, simple to use, easy to transport, and provides the right amount of accuracy needed to get the job done.  


Capture remote locations without the need for GPS

Quick & Dirty

Scan through dense vegetation and difficult terrain with zero setup

Custom integration

PX-80 is mobile so you scan mount it on a backpack, robot, tractor, or drone

Use Cases

LiDAR is used to make inventory calculations, increase the productivity and efficiency of operations, reduce waste, and improve overall profitability.
With climate change threatening ecosystems around the globe, understanding changes on our planet has never been more critical. LiDAR mapping allows environmental agencies to monitor deforestation and environmental changes through collecting meaningful and scientifically-sound data which can be compared over time. Calculate biomass levels, measure diameters at breast height (DBH), monitor changes in canopies, and detect changes in the wider physical landscape.
Since LiDAR has vegetation penetrating capabilities, it’s used to scan through crops to monitor planting and harvesting in the fields.

Let's see if PX-80 is a good fit for your operation.

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