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Get Started With PX-80

Kick off your training

Training is crucial to getting good results with the PX-80 scanner. We require new users to complete our training before using the scanner on projects.

1. Update Contacts

Are you the main scan operator? Should we contact another team member? Let us know.

(1 min)

2. Review Guides

Read through our Training Steps and look through the PX-80 Field Guide.

(20 min)

3. Schedule First Call

A 30-min video call to cover scanning basics and customize tips for your use case.

(30 min)


Charging Your PX-80

The PX-80 has its own internal battery. We recommend that you leave your device plugged in when not in use as well as when you are reconstructing to ensure it is ready for your capture.

In addition to charging your PX-80, you'll want to make sure your iPad Mini 4 is fully charged to use Capture, the app used for scanning.


Master Power Switch

The master power switch must be on to 'Start' up device. To prevent battery drain, turn off the master power switch when storing the device.

Start On: Tap to start up device.

Start Off: Push and hold button for a few seconds. Afterwards it takes a few more seconds to fully shutdown.


External Battery Pack

Our Pro Kit includes and external battery pack, battery cable, charger, and PX-80 carrying harness.

The internal PX-80 battery last about 2 hours. External battery packs can be used to extend the life of your PX-80 by an hour while in the field and can be hotswapped as needed.

Contact sales@paracosm.io to learn more.

Ready To Start?

1. Connect

Power on your devices and make sure your iPad is connected via PX-80's Wi-Fi hotspot. Remove the lens cap and attach the extension pole.

2. Capture

Launch the Capture app and tap Capture to begin recording. Hold PX-80 upright and walk at a steady pace.

3. Use Data

Be sure to Reconstruct your captures to refine data quality. Insert a flash drive into PX-80's USB port and export your data to use on your desktop workstation.

PX-80 Field Guide

As you get started, the best place to find quick information is in our PX-80 Field Guide. This is a living document that we update regularly with best practices.

 To look through at your own pace: 2019 PX-80 Field Guide (1.3) version.
Access our the 2018 PX-80 Field Guide (1.1) version.

Need more help using your PX-80?

If you have more questions, our Support Center has the answers. We're always ready to help answer any questions or comments you might have about your PX-80. Contact us anytime!  Looking for answers to questions before you have purchased a PX-80?  Check out our FAQ or email your question to sales@paracosm.io.