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Posted by Julie Matheney on 2/26/15 10:03 AM

nvidiaemailgraphicWe’ve been so busy lately that we almost forgot to announce that we’re headed to San Jose for Nvidia’s GPU Conference next month.

Our CEO, Amir Rubin, is taking the stage in Nvidia’s first ever Show & Tell as part of the Emerging Companies Summit which highlights disruptive tech from startups across the globe.

In addition to the Show & Tell, we’ll be sporting a space-themed robotics demo to show how machines can have a better understanding of their location when 3D maps are involved

We'd like to invite you to attend Amir's presentation on March 18th at 10:15 a.m. Use this promo code: "FF15X20" to receive 20% off registration.

While we are talking about awesome conferences, today we will be at Autodesk's REAL2015. Our keet, Gannon Wilder, is speaking on the REAL Virtual panel. If you’re planning to be there, say hi. He really loves high-fives!

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