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My Internship at Paracosm

Posted by Aidan Bender on 7/8/16 5:13 PM
Hello, world! My name is Aidan and I'm an 8th grade student. I’ve spent the last week interning at Paracosm. So far, I have learned and worked on many things including: coding in C#, marketing, raising venture capital (which I learned means money), and had the chance to try Paracosm’s Mixed Reality SDK to create my own Mixed Reality demo with one of my favorite characters.


On Wednesday, my favorite day, I biked to Paracosm’s office where I met Michael, the COO, and learned that I’d be working with Jed, the Head of Experience Design. Jed has worked on many popular video games like: The Ultimate SpiderMan, Ratchet, Clank 2, and on some of the Call of Duty series. (I was really surprised to hear that he helped build some of the games I’ve played at home!) 


My first assignment was to use Paracosm’s technology to scan and create a 3D model of their “Holodeck” (a room used for developing and testing Mixed Reality experiences). After creating the 3D model, Jed showed me how to import the mesh into a real-time engine called Unity3D. We edited the code to add goals, score points, and placed a timer. We also added a leaderboard to keep track of scores after we put in a naming system.

I’ve learned a lot about their technology and goals as a company. Overall, it’s been an extraordinary experience. Coding might be a career I want to pursue in the future, plus Paracosm has taught me so many things in just one week! 

Big thanks to everyone at Paracosm for letting me do my internship at your company!

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