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Customer Spotlight: AkitaBox

Posted by Julie Matheney on 7/17/18 4:29 PM





AkitaBox uses PX-80 to provide data collection and floor plan creation services to help facility owners manage everything from capitol planning to custodial needs. The data is used in their building management software to automate maintenance, planning, and inspections to simplify
building management.




For years, AkitaBox searched for a scanning solution that would allow them to capture large spaces in small windows of time. According to their Chief Customer Officer, Josh Lowe, “PX-80 has opened the door for workflows that we have only dreamed of.” AkitaBox uses PX-80 for both interior and exterior scanning, to capture everything from the building envelope to complex mechanical rooms. PX-80 has enabled them to capture data faster than ever before. To learn more, visit


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