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PX-80 Used in Making of Virtual Reality Film

Posted by Julie Matheney on 12/18/18 8:13 AM

From dusty construction sites to floating oil rigs, PX-80 users are capturing indoor and outdoor spaces all over the world. One of the most unique applications we’ve seen so far was the use of PX-80 to document portions of the Amazon rainforest for an immersive storytelling experience.


The Awavena team used PX-80 to map hundreds of meters of the jungle – generating massive 3D models of the environment. These point cloud models captured the dense vegetation of the jungle and the village of Mutum in incredible detail.

“PX-80’s scans bring viewers right into the heart of the story. Moving through the LiDAR scans of the dense jungle paths is almost hypnotizing - it draws you deeper and deeper into the world of Hushahu and the Yawanawa. Awavena is a powerfully moving piece. I saw many people finish the experience with tears in their eyes,” said Jacob Ervin, Occipital’s Product Manager.


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.33.45 PM

As an Artist in Residence at Technicolor Experience Center, Lynette Wallworth worked with Unity developers, system designers, and animators to integrate the LiDAR environments into a representation of the Yawanawa forest as ‘experienced’ in the vision state.

“The 'vision sequence' in Awavena has magical, ethereal qualities due to the fluorescing species we were able to capture with special Canon night cameras, and the incredible PX-80 LiDAR scanner provided to us by Occipital that captured 300,000 points of data per second to render a perfect ethereal version of the Yawanawa forest - all biologically authentic and real.” - Lynette Wallworth, Artist & Director

This project allows the viewer to experience themselves as integrated with every atom of the environment, in alignment with Yawanawa spirituality. AWAVENA is made at the invitation of, and in intimate collaboration with the Yawanawa people during a time of both peril and potential for the people, their forest, and the connected ecosystems that drive the planet. 

hush-homeHushahu on the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Production still from "Awavena."

The work aims not to provoke empathy for the Yawanawa people but is rather a gift from them, to those who will virtually visit their forest and receive this transmission — a gift that they hope can shift our consciousness. To learn more, visit




Special shout outs to the Awavena team: Lynette Wallworth, Nicole Newnham, Hushahu Yawanawa , Tashka Yawanawa, Laura Yawanawa, Greg Downing, Chris Birke and big thanks to Marcie Jastrow, Brian Frager, Mars Wong from the Technicolor Experience Center and Aaron Hilton from Steampunk Digital. It was a pleasure working with you all!  

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