It’s All About The Data

So why not make the most of it? Fill out the form below to download the application on a Windows PC. Sample data is included in the application.



Lightning Fast

RETRACE data loads in seconds and is instantly ready to view. 


Visit Your Site Remotely

Whether you’re back at the office or sharing a project with someone, RETRACE lets you visit scans from anywhere in the world.

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Multiple Viewpoints

Toggle between photospheres, point cloud data, the mini map, and even the scan trajectory.


Simplify Your Workflow

Reference high resolution photos and detailed point clouds to quickly generate CAD drawings.


See the Changes

When you scan daily or weekly, RETRACE makes it easy to compare changes over time.


Stay Organized

Frequent scanners know it’s important to keep your files straight. Sort your scans by date and location.

RETRACE is a powerful companion tool for our mobile LiDAR scanner that allows PX-80 users to get the most out of their data. Point clouds can be a pain to work with so we’ve simplified the process and created a program that loads quickly so you can explore your scans in multiple different views. 

PX-80’s 360° color camera captures high resolution spherical imagery, so you can literally retrace the steps of scan path, similar to Google Maps’ “street-view” style.

Retrace is simply awesome. It lets you virtually walk through your scan data so it's great for remote teams. 

Julie Matheney



Give RETRACE a try on a Windows PC