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Paracosm and Geo-Plus partner for 3D land survey solution

Posted by Sean Higgins on 2/18/20 10:07 AM

We are excited to announce that Paracosm is bundling our PX-80 handheld lidar with Geo-Plus' VisionLiDAR point cloud and virtual survey software. This solution is highly automated, user friendly, and includes everything you need to streamline your 3D land survey workflows.

How do these tools work together?

Use PX-80 and a team of one or two people to quickly capture a 3D representation of the whole field and bring it back to the office. 

Then, use VisionLiDAR to exploit the point clouds captured by the PX-80. This software includes the essential point-cloud processing functionality that forms the foundation of any 3D workflow, but also offers robust, automated features for topo generation, break line extraction, curb and pole extraction, stockpile and earthworks volume analysis, tree measurement, and more. 

Want to learn more?


What this bundle means for your business

  • shorten the 3D survey learning curve
  • capture millions of cm-accurate survey points in one pass
  • work less in the field, more in the office
  • take survey measurements with your mouse
  • reduce the size of your field crew--or take on more projects
  • generate high-value 3D deliverables

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Free Webinar

Paracosm is presenting a webinar with Geo-Plus to introduce the bundle and its workflows. Called "How Paracosm's Partnership with Geo-Plus Will Streamline Your 3D Land Survey Workflows," this presentation will demonstrate the PX-80 and VisionLiDAR features and processes you can use to generate the deliverables and answers your business needs.

The presentation will cover:

  • General point-cloud processing, including cropping, segmentation, georeferencing, leveling, etc.
  • Creating topography or ground surface
  • City infrastructure asset detection, including curbs, poles, signs, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Gathering tree DBH measurements for forest inventory
  • Volume analysis for material stockpiles and earthworks


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